Valli and Fritzie's F1 Goldendoodles

Get ready to brighten up your life with the cutest litter of F1 Goldendoodles! Valli and Fritzie welcomed 10 adorable puppies on Wednesday, January 24th. Don't miss out on giving one of these little furballs a forever home, as only a few are still available from this paw-some pairing! With an expected weight of 55-65 lbs each, these bundles of joy are now ready to light up your world!

With a delightful mix of energetic playtime and mellow vibes, these puppies are an absolute pleasure to be around! They're excelling in their crate training and gradually becoming more comfortable with car rides. Fresh snow and outdoor excursions are their favorite, and snuggling is always welcomed!


Black Collar Male

This charming young fellow is sure to steal your heart! With his relaxing personality and calm, affectionate nature, every interaction with him is guaranteed to leave you smiling from ear-to-ear.



Light Purple Collar Female

She may take some time to warm up, but this little one brings joy everywhere she goes! Her adoration for kids and adventure makes every day exciting. She loves playing and will snuggle up afterward. 



Gray Collar Male

This adorable little pup is full of happiness and enthusiasm for life! With his sweet nature, playful spirit and thirst for adventure, he will make a wonderful companion for most any family. 



Light Green Collar Male


Meet this little bundle of joy! Full of energy and love, this cutie will brighten up your day. He's a social butterfly who loves being around people and will gladly follow you everywhere. Cuddles and playtime are his favorite things to do!



Orange Collar Female


Meet our playful and sweet little girl! She lights up the room with her joy and brings happiness to everyone around. Her love for playtime is contagious, especially when she's surrounded by her favorite humans.


Dark Green Collar Male

Reserved for Ethan


Dark Purple Collar Female

Reserved for Ryan and Kenzie



Red Collar Female

Reserved for Nancy


Yellow Collar Female

Reserved for Michelle Paid in Full


Pink Collar Female

Reserved for Gabby