About Us

We are a family  here at the Cuddly Dood ranch comfortably located in the small beautiful town of Jay, Maine. I am a devoted mother of two beautiful boys. One 20 year old with special needs who loves car rides, cooking and swimming, Our 23 year old techie College graduate has a mighty love of the great outdoors and art. I'm also lucky enough to be a stepmother of a beautiful 11 year old girl who likes to paint, draw, swim, plus she is an avid reader. She is an amazing swimmer! She loves snuggling with the puppies and always takes a special interest in our underdog or runt puppies who need extra love and care. An interesting fact about my oldest son and my stepdaughter is they share the same birthday! I have plenty of time and love to give to our little fur babies as I have been blessed to be able to stop working outside the home. We enjoy the nearby walking trails with our parent dogs as well as playing fetch, frisbee, and ball in the open backyard of our home. It's also nice to take day trips with them for swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, bilikg, hiking, camping and rollerblading. We are especially interested in cuddling with them and the babies for as long as we get to spend with them and miss them greatly when they're gone. I like to receive updates after the babies go home so I can see how happy they are with their new families. I get to be here for their first 8 weeks watching them grow so it's only fair for me to document some of that time and share it with you via pictures and videos when possible!

Our Program

At CuddlyDoodes, we are focused on providing healthy, well behaved, socialized, adapted, home raised goldendooes, labradoodles and Aussiedoodles for your family in order to meet your specific needs or wants. Our puppies are intentionally raised to be friendly, calm, smart, sweet and beautiful. They make great additions to any family!  We pride ourselves on breeding and raising happy, well-adjusted dogs with temperaments you can trust.  Providing a high quality and healthy life long canine companion is our top priority, we won't knowingly release a sick or unhealthy puppy.


     Our puppies are raised in our home, not in a kennel. They are treated as members of our family, and showered with love and respect. When you adopt a CuddlyDood you become a part of our family as well, so be sure to send us pictures!  We spend lots of quality time with each puppy to make sure they're well rounded and familiar with a variety of environments and situations to make it easier on their forever families. We utilize the puppy culture program and do early neurological stimulation on all our puppies from 3 to 16 days old as long as they're not abnormally stressed by a difficult birthing process or other unavoidable situation. They all eat home made puppy formula . We use raw goats milk, goat yogurt and duck eggs which give these puppies the best possible start in life. It's possible this might increase their size as adults as well. As you may notice we tend to lean toward a more holistic approach in the raising of our puppies whenever possible. We acclimate each one to our vehicles by starting with them on our lap, then slowly getting them to ride with siblings and mom in the back seat and finally, hopefully, ending with them comfortably riding by themselves in a car seat or crate to prevent injury and help puppy feel secure. In order to help get the most difficult puppies comfortable with riding in the car, we may give them a high value treat once inside to help ensure they will be happy to go wherever you need or want to take them. Each puppy gets to meet and play with our other puppies and dogs including the dogs of our family and friends. This helps to socialize them with dogs so they don't act aggressively out of fear. They are played with by children as much as possible to help them learn to be gentle and easy with the little ones. We walk each baby on a leash a couple times a week or more if we're able once they're old enough. They don't typically follow on lead at this age so training treats and extra peppy talking helps greatly :) We strive to teach them some puppy manners and the beginnings of potty training before they go home. A big thing we now do is acclimate each puppy to a crate before they go home. We start at 5.5-6 weeks old. This makes your groomer, vet and even your puppy a little more comfortable later on. They will see the crate as a safe happy place and if continued once they go home they will enjoy it their entire lives through in times of stress or change. Everything we do while they're in our care makes the transition easier on them and you as their new owners. It also makes the time you have to spend with your new puppy more enjoyable as you'll have less correcting, redirecting, teaching and more cuddling to do!  



Baxter & Bella

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