Upcoming Litters

These are our early 2024 planned litters.

Late December F1b Labradoodles Babs X Marley 2400 each

2024 Toy F1 Aussiedoodles 14-18 lbs $3000 each



Candace female Deposit Received

Melissa K Female Deposit Received

Late 2023

Ember x Oliver F1 Goldendoodles $2400 each

Cuddlydoodes reserves the right to have first pick of any litter we produce

Alison L Ember X Oliver Female Deposit+200 Received 

Andrew Scates Ember X Oliver Female Deposit Received

Chris Setchell. Ember X Oliver Female

Alan H ValliXFritzie Male Paid in Full

Arnie C. Ember X Oliver Female 

Gary Sessa Ember X Oliver Male Deposit Received  

Jacqueline Caswell GG or Libby Female