Tweety and Marley F1B Goldendoodles


Tweety had her puppies July 21st. This couple is friendly and fun. Mom is the more energetic of these two. She likes to go swimming, hiking and play with the others in the backyard while dad is content to snuggle up or play his favorite game... FETCH! Of course he also likes to romp around and have a good time with his friends. We hope for silly, playful mellow puppies who are easy to train. These little cuties are expected to weigh 55-65 lbs each.


Purple Collar Female

Reserved for Farah


Pink Collar Female

Reserved for Bryan S


Red Collar Male

Reserved for Derick H


Light Blue Collar Male

Reserved for Walter M


Navy Blue Collar Male

Reserved for Morgan


Light Green Collar Male

Reserved for Lauren


Dark Green Collar Male

Reserved for Roselle and Tom