Ruby & Oliver F1 goldendoodles

February 13th marked a momentous occasion as Ruby and Oliver proudly presented their beautiful F1 goldendoodle puppies to the world! With their mom's sweet nature and dad's playful spirit, these tiny furballs are destined to become unstoppable forces of positivity and enthusiasm in their new homes after April 9th.

 These puppies exude happiness and contentment as they switch between lively play sessions and tranquil moments. Nighttime crating is becoming second nature to them, and they're starying to adapt to car rides. Nothing brings them greater satisfaction than frolicking in the great outdoors or curling up for a heartwarming snuggle!


Dark Purple Collar Female

This little darling is cheerful and playful, but her super intelligence shines in all she does. She warms up for cuddles and is full of sweetness. She loves to play, but is dainty and gentle.  


Dark Blue Collar Male

This excitable little one will be the life of any party. He likes to get attention, but will also give you his. He's friendly, curious and cheerful. He isn't shy and will love to have children or was and playtime to tire him out for lots of cuddles and kisses.


Black Collar Male

Sweet, charming and eager to please is the name of this guy's game. He likes to play with the best of them but will beg for his humans love and attention till the cows come home! Friendly and happy go lucky is what you get with him. 


Dark Pink Collar Female

This girl loves to be silly. She's excitable and overjoyed to greet her people. She's agile and playful, but will also let us hold her like a baby for lots of sweet cuddles. She is tolerant and observant with a heart of gold.


Gray Collar Male

This baby is a bit shy. He takes a little longer to warm up and get comfortable with new things. He loves everyone and is eager to please. He will snuggle all day if we let him! He likes to go outside and would do best with an older pup or dog to follow.