Mavis and Marley

Get ready to be delighted by Mavis and Marley's adorable litter of 12 F1b chocolate Labradoodles! Born on February 4th, these little ones have inherited their parents' best traits: a loving nature and an energetic spirit. Perfect companions for anyone seeking an adorable, cuddly furry friend to adventure or snuggle with. They're allergy friendly, too! $1000 each. 



Mavis and Marley's F1B Labradoodle puppies!


Black Collar Male

There is something truly special about this calm, smart puppy that sets him apart from the rest. His sweet and loving nature is simply irresistible, and it's impossible not to fall in love with him. His happy-go-lucky attitude radiates pure joy and positivity, making everyone around him feel instantly uplifted. But it's not just his charming personality that makes him stand out, his handsome good looks are equally captivating. This puppy's intelligence shines through in everything he does. He is a quick learner and is always eager to please, making him the perfect companion for any adventure. Whether he's playing fetch in the park or cuddling up on the couch, this puppy's presence brings a sense of warmth and comfort that is unmatched. He is a true gem.


Pink Collar Female


Yellow Collar Male


 This calm, sweet boy is incredibly friendly. He loves meeting new people and animals, and is always quick to make new friends. His gentle, playful nature makes him a hit with children, as he's patient and gentle with them. His friendly demeanor makes him a great companion for both humans and other animals. One of the most striking things about this boy is his calmness. This trait makes him the perfect companion for someone looking for a more relaxed dog.  This also makes him a great candidate for therapy or service dog work. I'm confident that he will make a wonderful addition to any family. His intelligence and desire to please make him easy to train, while his friendly and calm nature make him a joy to be around. I am excited to see what the future holds for this sweetie.

Teddy or Oakley

Gray Collar Male


This small sweet puppy captures the hearts of everyone he encounters with his adorable face and playful demeanor. His kind and gentle nature wins people over. He has a way of making everyone feel special and loved, whether it's through his excited tail wags or his loving puppy kisses. He's always eager to please and learn new tricks, showing off his intelligence and eagerness to please us humans. It's impossible not to smile and feel a sense of warmth and happiness when in his presence. This little cutie brings joy and love wherever he goes, and it's clear that he's meant to be a cherished part of someone's family. He's more than just a pet, he's a true companion and best friend, ready to offer unconditional love and loyalty to whoever is lucky enough to call him their own.


Dark Blue Collar Male



This little love is friendly, quirky, and smart. He is slightly more reserved than some of his littermates. He will look before he leaps. You can expect a lively and outgoing companion with a curious nature. He will love making new friends and will eagerly approach anyone who crosses his path with a wagging tail and a big smile. He has a natural charm and a way of winning people over with his playful antics and affectionate nature. Beyond his friendly disposition, this sweetie also has a quirky side that makes him stand out from the rest. He has a funny way of tilting his head and he really seems to understand you. Don't let his playful nature fool you, because this puppy is incredibly smart. He has a quick mind and is always eager to learn new things. Whether it's mastering a new trick or figuring out how to get his favorite toy out of a puzzle, this little guy loves a challenge and will put his intelligence to good use. This intelligence also makes him highly trainable. The combination of friendliness, quirkiness, and intelligence make this guy a one-of-a-kind companion. He will bring joy and laughter to his family, and his playful spirit will never fail to put a smile on your face.


Cream Collar Male


This friendly and happy little guy's personality will make you fall in love with him. He's a social butterfly, eager to meet new people and make new friends. He's the epitome of friendliness. His enthusiasm is contagious. No one can resist his charm as he quickly becomes the center of attention. What truly sets him apart is his love for children. He is a child magnet, drawn to their playful energy and always ready to join in on their games. He is patient and gentle with kids, making him the perfect companion for families with young children. He loves nothing more than playing fetch in the backyard or curling up for a nap after a long day of fun. His happy-go-lucky attitude is infectious and it's impossible to be in a bad mood when he's around. He has a knack for making everyone feel loved and appreciated, and his unconditional love knows no bounds. He is a great listener and always seems to know when you need a cuddle. His warm presence can turn a bad day into a good one, and his unwavering loyalty makes him a true best friend. He's always there to offer comfort. He is the perfect emotional support for anyone in need. In a world full of chaos and stress, this boy is a ray of sunshine. His friendly, happy, and child-loving personality brings joy wherever he goes. He is a reminder to live in the moment and to always find happiness in the little things. He's more than just a puppy, he is a bundle of love and happiness that will brighten up your life in the most wonderful ways.


Light Green Collar Male

One word that perfectly describes this little riot is silly. He's always up for some fun, whether it's chasing his own tail, or playing with his favorite toy.  His playful nature is contagious and can bring a smile to anyone's face. He loves kids. Don't let his silly antics fool you as he's also incredibly intelligent. He's a quick learner and can pick up on commands and tricks with ease. It's amazing to see how he can understand and respond to different cues at such a young age. Along with his intelligence, he also has a sweet and loving nature. He's always eager to please and show affection towards us. His adorable face and wagging tail makes it impossible not to fall in love with him. When it comes to snuggling up on the couch, he's an expert at being lazy and cuddling. He'll be your best friend his entire life and will want to be by your side no matter what. He will bring so much fun and joy into your world.


Reserved for Lacey

This adorable girl is a silly little thing, always finding new ways to make you laugh and brighten your day. Whether it's chasing her own tail or pouncing on a toy, she never fails to bring a smile to your face. Her playful nature is infectious, and she will eagerly invite you to join in on her games. You can often find her running around the house, wagging her tail and bouncing around with excitement. This girl also has a sweet and gentle side. She loves to cuddle up next to you, nuzzling her head into your lap and showering you with affectionate kisses. She has a way of making you feel loved and cherished, just by being in her presence. Her happy-go-lucky attitude is contagious, and it's hard to be in a bad mood when she's around. This puppy is also incredibly intelligent. She learns quickly and is always eager to please. She loves to learn new tricks and is always up for a challenge. Her intelligence also shines through in her problem-solving skills, as she can figure out how to get to her favorite toy hidden behind furniture. Overall, this puppy's personality can be summed up as a bundle of joy. She is always happy, playful, and sweet. Her intelligence adds a unique aspect to her personality, making her an all-around remarkable companion. Whether you're in need of a good laugh or a snuggle buddy, this puppy is sure to bring love and happiness into your life.


Reserved for Nancy


Dark Green Collar Male

Reserved for Jacqui

This handsome guy is the most lovable puppy you'll ever come across. He's a sweet, friendly boy who loves nothing more than to make new friends. He greets everyone he meets with a wagging tail. He can often be found chasing after his favorite toys, and he's always up for playtime. What truly sets this adorable boy apart is his very sweet personality. He radiates joy and spreads it wherever he goes. Even on the gloomiest of days, his sunny disposition never falters. He's the kind of pup who can brighten up anyone's day with just a simple cuddle or a goofy smile. Beneath all that playfulness and happiness lies a sweet and gentle soul. He has a heart of gold and is always ready to offer comfort and love to those in need. His intelligence is also worth mentioning. He's a quick learner and will pick up new commands and tricks in no time. But most importantly, he's a loyal and devoted companion. He'll follow you around wherever you go and doesn't want to leave your side. With his friendly, playful, sweet, and intelligent nature, he's truly a one-of-a-kind pup that will steal your heart and bring endless joy and love into your life.


Purple Collar Female

Reserved for Maya



Red Collar Female

Reserved for Sage


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