Mavis and Marley

We're now accepting deposits on these little Labradoodles born July 8th. There are 4 males and 5 females.



Mavis and Marley's F1B Labradoodle puppies!

Mavis and Marley had a litter of beautiful chocolate F1B Labradoodles July 8th! These puppies have strong chocolate colors that aren't expected to fade to silver beige. They should weigh between 55-65 lbs. We expect a their fur types to range from wavy to curly. All puppies are expected to have hazel, honey brown or dark brown eyes. Mom is spunky and dad is silly. Both parents are super loving and snuggly. Dad is OBSESSED with fetch. He could play day and night!

Waiting List For These Adorable Cuties:

John and Amanda paid in full

Burke and Emily Paid in Full

Ariana P Deposit Paid

Richard K Deposit Paid

Dean H Deposit Paid

Ken S Deposit Paid

Michael S Deposit Paid

Jacob S Deposit Paid

Mike G Deposit Paid

Puppies from Mavis and Marley are all reserved.


Blue Collar Male

Reserved for Mike G.


Yellow Collar Female

Reserved for Jacob


Black Collar Male

Reserved for Michael 


Red Collar Female

Reserved for Ken and Ronda


Orange Collar Female

Received for Dean Deposit Received 



Purple Collar Female

Reserved for the King Family


Black Collar Male

Reserved for Ariana


Dk Green Collar Male

Reserved for Burke and Emily



                Pink Collar Female                              

Reserved for John and Amanda

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